Theoretical work

Stephen is interested in applying physical science principles and analytical techniques to socio-legal frameworks focussing on issues of Social Justice and Miscarriages of Justice in a wider sense than Criminal Law. In particular he looks at risk prediction as used in the social sciences and by government and public bodies, with an aim to look at how robust they are, how robust they could theoretically be and the ethics of their use.

At present he is using the lens of Child Protection and Safeguarding, where his funded project work to date has been located.

Funded Projects

Principal Investigator on the ESRC Transformative project: “The ‘risk of risk’: remodelling artificial intelligence algorithms for predicting child abuse”. Grant Reference: ES/R00983X/1.

Co-Investigator on the Nuffield foundation project: “Investigating the reasons for the rise in Care Order Applications in the Family Courts”. Grant Reference: JUS/43090.

Co-Investigator on the ESRC Transformative project: “Rethinking child protection strategy: evaluating research findings and numeric data to challenge whether current intervention strategy is justified”. Grant Reference: ES/M000990/1.